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Corporate needs you to tell the difference between these two pictures Dark Lofi Hip Hop Radio 24/7 - Beats to Lie Awake and Succumb to Crippling Anxiety to (I just love the name)

@queereen @eichkat3r @schratze @deusfigendi you just had to go and say this on a monday, when garfield the cat prowls mastodon

there a Firefox extension called DNS over Wikipedia which can find domains from Wikipedia.

eg if you navigate to sci-hub.idk in your browser, it finds the most up to date domain from Wikipedia and redirects to that.

not that you'd download papers from sci hub as if the academic publishing system was a corrupted pile of shit, just a handy example you know.

@makarygo dziadzie żabojadzie, czy tobie też wywala błąd z ciasteczkami przy logowaniu?


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